Mission and Values

The mission of Foothill Family Clinic is to provide exceptional quality care while keeping the patient first.

In order to accomplish this goal we are committed to:

  • Providing exceptional care to our patients
  • Hiring the most qualified physicians who share our common values
  • Treating our employees fairly
  • Constantly striving to improve the quality and types of services delivered to our patients
  • Having a good moral compass, which is grounded by principles such as Integrity, Responsibility, and Compassion

Our Values

A moral principle that is said to be universal around the world and guides us in our actions one to another.

We take responsibility for our personal choices and embrace the responsibility of serving others.

We actively care for others.

We are sensitive toward each other’s feelings and thoughts.

We foster a work environment where people understand and believe that thinking, planning, decisions, and actions are better when done cooperatively.