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Jerry Kelty has been practicing as a physician assistant at Foothill Family Clinic since 1997. He started in medicine in 1983 as a Psychiatric Tech, then LPN and RN, working in the ICU’s at both University of Utah Medical Center and Primary Children’s Medical Center. He has a special interest in dermatology.

“What I like about my practice is getting to know the individual in the context of his or her family. Healthcare cannot be divorced from how we utilize our time: our jobs, our children and parents, what we eat, and how we remain active.” ~ Jerry Kelty

Jerry describes himself as an “islandophile,” and says that he is still on a quest for the ideal island. He also loves mountains and hiking the big peaks of the Wasatch with his wife and son. He plays guitar and enjoys volunteering for music with 1st graders at Midvale Elementary. He originally studied Writing Fiction at the University of Utah and is finally finishing his first novel, “Blondesided.” He speaks German and Spanish. Jerry has taught medical students from Utah, Idaho State, Emory, and Arcadia Universities.

His bucket list: “I would like to sail from Chesapeake Bay to Bermuda to the Azores, through the Strait of Gibraltar and end up in Capri perhaps. I might get seasick; there could be pirates. It would be interesting to try.”


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